Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – 2018

Following the problems in the first film, Claire’s perspective on dinosaurs, which he sees as a grocery product when he manages the park, changes. The “Dinosaur Protection Group” establishes a named organization. Aims to find a way to remove the dinosaurs living in the island where an active volcano is moving. Claire needs help from Owen Grady, the only person he knows, who has proven his dominance over dinosaurs in order to fulfill this dangerous and difficult task. In the island where the couple is going for a rescue mission, everything will be harsh.


If you are considering an action film with a nice script and logical scene transitions, I think this movie is not for you. It’s also another movie that has been made recently, which is the film that keeps on holding the first series and is below expectations. f your goal is to see only dinosaurs, it accomplishes this with visual effects.


Trailer of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom from YouTube

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